Surface Disinfectant, 1 Gallon

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EZ safer surface is EPA approved all purpose cleaning solution. Supercharged with active oxygen molecules for fast and superior cleaning. This cleaning solution doesn’t release toxic gases and can be applied to surfaces as an aerosol in occupied rooms and without the need to use protective equipment. Item is sold unimprinted. Available in the US. Orders should be in multiples of 4 after MOQ. 

Certification: EPA, MSDS

For General Public Use Only (Non-Medical Use)

Limited stock only. First come first serve.

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Product Details:

Type: Disinfectant
Standard Colors: Clear
Imprint Methods: NA
Imprint Locations: NA
Imprint Size: NA
Imprint Notes: NA
MOQ: 52
Item Dimension(inch): 5.95 x 5.95 x 11.75
Item Shape: Can
Material: Sodium Oxychloride 12.5% Other 87.5% 
Standard Packaging: Plastic Container
Item Weight (g): 4,445.0

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