Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

For the purpose of this agreement: ‘You’ refers to both you individually and your company/organization as you are signing on behalf of your company; unless you are an individual not affiliated with an organization. ‘Our’, ‘We’, ‘Our company’; refer to our company Safety Pure® and the relevant dba entity shown at the top of the Sales Order.


Our products are only intended for use by individuals ages 13 and older.

Orders must be complete when submitted to our company.

We require a Purchase Order with the following information:

- Company Name

- Your Name

- Your company address

- Your phone number

- Your email address

- Complete Item Description

- Quantity

- Ship to Address

- In-Hand Deadline if applicable

- Correct Pricing

All orders will be confirmed via a Sales Order which is sent by our company to you in no more than 24 hours after we receive your Purchase Order.   If you do not receive a Sales Order from our company, please notify us immediately to assure we received your order. It is your responsibility to inform our company in a timely fashion regarding any changes or discrepancies in the order details or specifications.  We only can only begin and process orders upon receipt of a signed (electronically signed) copy of our Sales Order. We can only accept orders where the following key information is available and correct: Pricing, Artwork for the order, In Hands Date which can be made based on our lead time offered on the product.


We require prepayment on all orders, unless you have been provided with approved payment terms with our company.  We reserve the right to revoke or change payment terms at any time.  


Pre-production physical proofs are highly recommended to ensure your client is satisfied in advance with the product, its functionality, its appearance, its color, the imprint, and imprint quality.

We are not responsible for unmet customer expectations which are outside the scope of providing the product ordered and printed as instructed within the capabilities of the customizing process.  Therefore, to ensure your expectations are met, please order pre-production physical samples with your order.

Production proofs are billable in addition to the quote shown.  Note that on pre-production proofs for orders we place with overseas factories, we are required to bill for the international shipping cost of shipping the sample to you in addition to the cost of the pre-production sample.

Please note that proofs are our way of catching any deviations from your expectations on an order.  Thus, even if a factory makes a typo on a phone number for example, if the typo was on the proof and you approve the proof then we are no longer liable for the error.

Changes to proofs which are not a result of our errors or omissions are billable including their impact on item prices and set up charges..

You can order virtual proofs, photo proofs, and pre-production physical samples to ensure your satisfaction.


We will make our best efforts to match Pantone colors.  Color matching varies by ink type used, heat required to cure inks onto surfaces  and surface material of the product to be printed, therefore it is not guaranteed to be exact.  We highly recommend that you request a photo proof and a physical prepro sample for approval prior to production of your order if you are concerned about color variance.  If you receive only a virtual proof (a photo of a standard item with your logo digitally superimposed on it), and you approve the virtual proof, you are responsible for the order even if there are color variations in the actual order.  For an additional proof charge, customers may order a physical pre production sample for approval prior to production.  In either case, final approval of the order (including PMS color matching) is the full and total responsibility of the customer and no refunds or exchanges will be provided for any product so approved.


Very small fonts under 10 points on most items are likely to be small enough to result in customer disappointment.  If you are using small fonts to fit into a desired imprint area, we highly encourage you to order a physical pre-production physical sample from us for approval prior to production.

We will not be responsible for small fonts not meeting customer expectations after proof approval as we must depend on our customer to physically inspect our product with the desired fonts/text to assure it meets their standards in advance.


If there is a problem with your order,  you must notify us within 72 hours of receipt of the merchandise in writing with the following information:

  • Detailed description of the problem
  • # of pieces affected by the problem
  • Resolution Request.  Your requested resolution of the problem if applicable.

We cannot accept responsibility for issues if not advised of a problem within 72 hours of receipt, and will not be able to honor refund or replacement of merchandise after 72 hours. Any claims and replacement requests must be made within 72 hours of the receipt of merchandise. Otherwise the merchandise will be considered as accepted as is by the customer. Storage and handling conditions can affect electronics so it is critical that you or your customer check items when received. We cannot accept return or replacement of a large quantity of merchandise that was not originally tested when the order was received.

Returns can only be accepted upon approval from our company.

You may be required to send at least 5 samples to us to evaluate and assess the problem before we can take any action to remedy the problem.  We reserve the right to verify the problem and inspect the merchandise in the event a problem occurs.

We reserve the right to repair or replace defective merchandise.  By mutual agreement between our company and you or your company a refund or credit to your account may be provided.

Note that replacement, repair, refund, or credit requests require that the merchandise be returned to our company.  We can only provide remedy by repair, replacement, refund or credit on the exact number of items we receive back from you.

We will give credit or replace defective items at our discretion. We do not provide full refunds unless a full order is defective. If a few items in a batch are defective, you would receive credit for the defective items.


Order expenses are incurred from the time the order is placed. Some expenses like merchant processing fees are also incurred at the time of payment. In many cases we have to pay the factory for or have committed to a factory producing the product for your order within hours of when you place your order with us. All expenses incurred up until the point of cancellation are owed to the company and still payable to the company. If an order has been shipped, no refunds can be made as all expenses for the order have been incurred. Note that orders are often shipped from the factory to a shipping agent and in some cases to cargo carriers so a tracking number or the status of a tracking number is not the only indicator an order has shipped. In the event of a cancellation we will try to minimize the cost of any order cancellation but expenses incurred would be billable.


Unit quantity can be increased within 3 business days after the order is placed.. A revised purchase order is required for order changes.


We are not responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond our control such as natural disasters, shipping delays, labor shortages, labor strikes, materials shortages, changes in laws, acts of any government entity, customs delays, or any other events which are beyond our control. We do our best and have an excellent record of on time delivery. Some events beyond our control may cause delays that we cannot be responsible for.

We are not responsible for shipping carrier delays or customs delays.   If a carrier has a shipping delay or if products are delayed by customs, claims must be made to the carrier directly. We are also not responsible for any delays  which result in us being unable to ship by the original ship date and/or not be able to arrive by the original in-hand date as a result of the following:

  • Delay in electronically signing your Sales Order or confirming your order once we send you a sales order to acknowledge.
  • Delay in payments required with order and/or prior to shipment of the order
  • Delays in you or your end customer approving proofs or other communications requiring your approval.
  • Any changes you make after the order has been processed including  but not limited to art changes, quantity changes, shipping method or shipping address changes.


In the event of any problems with your order, our liability is limited to the value of the order.

We are not liable for any incidental costs beyond the direct cost value of our sales order.


Pricing for your order is only accepted and confirmed with a Sales Order.  .  Pricing will not be held pending receipt of the PO, art or data; the current pricing at the time of processing will be applied.

The Sales Order is the formal acceptance and acknowledgement of pricing and order details for your order which must be approved to lock in item pricing


In the event of non-payment of invoices.  You are liable for any costs we must incur in order to collect the debt and applicable interest owed including but not limited to:

  • Attorney Fees.
  • Travel, Lodging and Meal Expenses should they be required to litigate outside our jurisdiction.
  • Collections Expenses.
  • Employee labor costs.  Costs of employees time used in collection and litigation to collect the debt.
  • Collection costs.
  • Invoices more than 15 days past due incur a 1.75% monthly interest charge or the highest allowed by law (whichever is greater) which is calculated and begins accruing from the original payment due date.
  • Accounts with any amounts past due more than 90 days may be promptly sent to an outside collections agency or a lawsuit may be filed immediately to collect the outstanding debt.


Shipping charges and sales tax (if applicable) are billable in addition to the price quote shown above unless an item is explicitly stated as having free shipping included.

Set-up or Screen Charges are the charges from the factory to set your logo up to print.

If you supply your own account number, we will make every effort to use it for shipping.  However  in the event that we are unable to do so we will bill you at cost for shipping charges incurred.  If your shipping rate is lower than our billed rate, we will adjust shipping charges to your lower rate if you provide us written documentation of your better rate for an equivalent dimmed weight and distance shipment using a similar shipping method.

On rush orders, we may need to use premium air shipping methods to get your order to you on time.  If you do not want us to use air shipping methods without prior approval, please specify this in advance on your order.  Air shipping is expensive and can often be more expensive than the customer thinks it would be.  You are responsible for air shipping costs if required to meet your in-hand deadline.


Be aware that on some less expensive items factories may OVERSHIP or UNDERSHIP.  If a supplier OVERSHIPS we will bill for the excess quantity shipped.  If a supplier UNDERSHIPS, we will issue you a credit or refund based on your preferences. We try to prevent over shipments with our suppliers, but this is not always possible.  See Below if you cannot accept over shipments from factories.

If you need 'EXACT' quantities, notify us in advance so we can make arrangements with the factory. Some factories do charge a fee for shipping exact quantities which are billable.  


Set-ups, proofs, and color matching for the items you select are billable if they are required to complete your order.


If our company and you, our customer, do not reach a mutual agreement in the event of an order issue and you unilaterally dispute credit card payment for an  order, there will be a 25% of total order value payment recovery charge added to your invoice that you will be required to pay if the order is not paid for using another method of payment within 5 business days of the original credit card payment funds being removed from our account.

In the event of order cancellation once an order has been placed, you are liable for any charges incurred up to the date of order cancellation. Minimum order cancellation charge is 15% of order value.Clark County, Nevada Jurisdiction: By placing any order and this order with our company, you hereby agree that any disputes and legal matters that may arise will be under the jurisdiction of Clark County, Nevada. You also agree that future orders placed will also be under the  jurisdiction of Clark County, Nevada.