About Us

Safety Pure® is a leading medical and health supplier offering high-quality medical supplies and healthcare products. We deliver you the right products and the right solutions for your business needs. 

We offer expert assistance, valuable services, decades of experience to ensure we're providing the best possible solution for your business needs.

We offer a wide range of products which includes:

  • Medical products. Products include disposable masks, isolation gowns, caps, shoe covers, KN95, gloves, digital thermometers, hand sanitizers, face shields & more. FDA Approved, Made in the USA. 
  • Safety products for general public use like safety glasses and goggles, customized masks, custom label/general label hand sanitizers, sterilizers, gloves, alcohol and non-alcohol wipes, protective gowns, silicone ear savers, non-contact door openers, mask holder lanyards, sanitizing spray pens & more. FDA Approved for the general public, Made in the USA.
  • Healthcare and Wellness Products. Fitness bands, yoga mats, step counters and more. 

In addition to our current product line, we offer custom sourcing for your requirements.

Our purchasing department works closely with other manufacturing partners to deliver the best quality products to you in the USA and other parts of the world.